Giuseppe Zanotti

Italian luxury shoes brand which gets great support from celebrities of the world. While it is characterized by gorgeous item, there are pumps and sneakers and can find item to look good with toward all generations.

GINZA SIX shop follows concept developed in the world. We express DNA of emotional brand which overflowed in vigor. We let chrome, shining gold, carpet and furniture of floor measure, and color and blue are used and are modern and are Shops full of charm.

Since 1994, Giuseppe Zanotti has enchanted fashion and entertainment with his elaborate and tirelessly innovative designs, expanding globally and incorporating bags, jewelry, men’s shoes and wear.

The new Giuseppe Zanotti's Ginza Six store in Tokyo Japan continues the image of the brand's international boutiques, which expresses the vibrant and emotional DNA of this Italian shoe designer. Colors are new, the use of chrome and shiny gold surfaces that mix with mustard yellow and electric blue fabric on the floor carpet and furniture.

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Ladies' men's jewelry & watch bag & shoes

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From 10:30 to 20:30

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