Bold fine jewelry which blended Western polish, Oriental mystery with Italian tradition. Concept brand which Broggian company with history half a century or more launched in Italy. It is the Asian first to go out shop at store next to Milan Main Store. We suggest innovative jewelry which let imagination, tradition, style of Milan design fuse wonderfully.

Heart to create, passion to color. There are design ancestors of MIMI in fashon and town, Milan of jewelry. Jewelry designed in bold concept expresses the borderless world. Diamond of high quality, combination of color more than imagination, original cut to put for large KOLOR stone in-house, novel shape. They are individuality that MIMI expresses. Jewelry built up by technique of Italian expert craftsman is masterpiece created from creation, and it may be said that it is treasure which we can wear.

Presenting bold fine jewelry blending Italian tradition with Western refinement and Eastern mystery, Mimi is a concept brand launched by Broggian, a company with over half a century of history in Italy. The GINZA SIX location marks the first flagship store in Asia and the second largest after the Milan main shop. Mimi is proud to suggest innovative jewelry that expertly marries the creativity of Milanese design with tradition and style.

The thirst to create and a passion for color: Mimi’s design roots lie in Milan, the world’s jewelry and fashion hub. Designed based on bold concepts, our jewelry expresses a borderless world. Offerings include high-quality diamonds, color combinations that outstrip the imagination, original in-house cuts of large colored stones, and novel shapes. These qualities make up the individuality expressed by the Mimi brand. These pieces of jewelry, fashioned with the techniques of skilled Italian craftspeople, are masterpieces born of high creativity and treasures that can be worn.

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