The Showcase by DELUPIN
The showcase by Dell Bakery

It is one, value only for me in the world. We suggest fine jewelry to mode. It is select in designers that we play an active part as concept in "treating vintage, valuable jewelry which can become antique" led by Europe and America, and it is in topic. We develop accessories and clutch bag which are new HIP & CHIC of the world.

Feeling that we were excited about that looks in showcase put in shop. Because the first "beautiful thing" "wonderful things" of the shop form a line by all means there. From jewelry/accessories coloring the present times, we select thing with value succeeded in the future from the world. Keyword is Hip/Chic/Elegant/Edgy/Cool/Hot. We want to send that feeling that we were excited about when we look in showcase to women living in the present age to have both contradicting images.

“There’s only one of its kind in the world, something valuable just for me.” The Showcase by DELUPIN proposes fine jewelry tailored to your individual lifestyle and life scenes. Based on the concept of “jewelry destined become vintage or antique,” we select successful designers who have drawn notice, primarily in Europe and the United States. We also offer lines of new HIP & CHIC accessories and clutch bags from around the world.

When you peer into the showcases of a store, you’ll feel a sense of excitement. That’s because the store always lays out its most beautiful or captivating items for display. From the jewelry and accessories that typify the present times around the world, we select items worth handing down to later generations. The keywords are “hip,” “chic,” “elegant,” “edgy,” “cool,” and “hot.” We want to deliver that sense of excitement to modern women who are comfortable embracing the contradictory.

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