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Fortitude that we assumed "process when woman gradually became independent" one of the themes of fashion and hid inward and brand that urbane elegance is felt.
"Anyone can become attractively by being dressed up. However, "that people are interested what they wear on off day
・Fusion of luxury and refined silhouette
・Street-style that was in clean, and had urban sense with it when it was classical and was like provocation and was of good quality
・Is stimulating, and there is surprise, mystery ass
・When is luxury with a feeling of relaxation not to fall into model; individuality full of originality

Alexander Wang is a brand that evokes a core sense of urban sophistication while adopting as one of its fashion themes the process of women gradually gaining their independence.
“Anyone can become attractive by dressing up. But I’m interested in what people wear on their off days.”
- A fusion of luxury and sophisticated silhouettes
- A street style that’s clean, classical, and challenging while combining high quality with urban sensibilities
- Stimulating, surprising, and mysterious
- A unconventional and relaxed sense of luxury, together with a highly original sense of individuality

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Ladies', men's bag & shoes

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※We may change the business situation in a hurry. For more details, please refer to store.

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