We target man and woman of adult and it is minimal while high-quality and, as well as Collection described as "Edgy Chic", is made with design based on black, and, leather and dress, denim, bag, repeater of shoes, as for the item of jersey material, many repeaters are outstanding regardless of man and woman from good point of comfort again.

In this ground where various customers gather, become new departure; develop product decorating man and woman of adult while being simple.

Targeting male and female adults, CoSTUME NATIONAL’s collection, recognized as Edgy Chic, is based on a high-quality minimalism with black as its design base. The store draws many repeat customers for leather, dresses, denim, bags, and shoes. Offering remarkable comfort, items using jersey materials have also created loyal customers, both male and female.

At this location, a gathering point of various customers, CoSTUME NATIONAL offers a range of products to be worn by adult men and women alike in a simple style that represents new beginnings.

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