BEAMS house women

We prepare wardrobe which is precious with elation although being chic in keyword by "good quality" "polish", and being authentic when we wore.

It is women specialty store that it is the first among "BEAMS HOUSE" suggesting refined item and dignified style of adult at good quality. We have bag and shoes including wear, and order society is enriched as service that is personal, too.

Embracing the keywords “sophistication” and “high quality,” Beams House offers an exclusive range of chic, authentic wardrobe items that still generate a sense of excitement when actually worn.

As the first dedicated women’s store operated by Beams House, the GINZA SIX location proposes high quality items that embody sophistication and a grown-up style. In addition to clothing, the range includes bags and shoes. The store also offers ample occasions for special orders as a personal service.

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