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"Valcany's London" is Japan's first arcade Shops London," where brands with a common value of "high-quality lifestyle" are gathered. Smythson and Gieves & Hawks, a British royal family fan, and Catherine Hucker, a favorite of Catherine Princess, are available from long-established stores to the most seasonal British brand. It's a real London Shops, where you can feel the "now" of

In Japan, there are plenty of exclusive brands that can only be seen in Verkanais London, such as Catherine Fucker, which is loved by Princess Catherine, Whistles inGieves & Hawks is available.

The GINZA SIX location marks Japan’s first Vulcanize London arcade shop, bringing together brands that represent a shared sense of exclusive lifestyles. Featuring British royal family favorites Smythson and Gieves & Hawkes, as well as Katherine Hooker, a favorite of Duchess Catherine, the line of products offers English brands ranging from well-established names to the latest fashionable brands. This authentic London shop gives buyers an experience of England as it is right now.

Featuring Katherine Hooker and Whistles, favorites of Duchess Catherine, along with Gieves & Hawkes, the British royal family’s favored tailor, Vulcanize London offers an extensive range of exclusive brands available nowhere else in Japan.

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