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Taste of home here

There is no compromise to discerning ingredients which have been sent from stronghold Kyoto

Sencha which overflowed in refreshing refreshing feel since the formation in 1854 and trust and taste that tea that we drank, and I thought that it was delicious including Gyokuro which had solid taste was supported, and piled up. Luxury that can thoroughly enjoy the highest taste of history in Ginza here.

It is recommended to date

Fusion space of Kyoto and Ginza where calm direction is nice

At standard spot of silver Bra date in old days still same from where modern Wakukan to be relieved at is young to age. Because there is light meal of Cha-soba and tea udon, we are supported to women and men who want to satisfy slight change of mind.

Relaxing atmosphere

One tea and comfortable space. If we look for hideaway spending time alone

When we want to sincerely relax, it is healed relievedly by Japanese green tea welcome tea which is offered when we sit down in our seat. We open book from there and wait for somebody and. With delicious sweets, please enjoy oneself time well.

We are particular about tableware, interior

To interior, container, sohana, heart of hospitality of Kyoto style is spread out

Tile of granite same as building stones of stone mill that what is used for floor saws Matcha. We use persimmon juice and Japanese traditional lacquer to paint processed tea tool with for top plate of table. Black wall and work batter reflecting the image of examination ground of tea of Uji Head Office are impressive.

It is recommended to girls-only gathering

Feel happiness to open heart between good friends, and to talk

If counter, group surround table, sweets to be relieved at if there are two people, conversation bounds unintentionally, too. Japanese green tea welcome T is with with more than one order per person. It is valuable spot of close person and Ginza available casually.