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Vest 3 which wants you to eat only this


"Namacha zerii" [deep green] having popular item representing Ginza store-limited, shop with various textures 1,250 yen

GINZA SIX-limited version came up in perfect gem "Namacha zerii" [Matcha] proud of immovable popularity to. Matcha jelly, green tea ice cream cream, specialite de la maison Matcha bean jam of Ginza store-limited topping, Tamba class black soybean, chestnut deliciousness to set.


"Circle and parfait 2,038 yen to taste luxury that used Ginza store-limited, particularly good-quality Matcha "quality" abundantly made in distinction"

We shut in dignified sweetness and taste, elegant flavor in parfait in nicety which only Matcha of the highest quality has tightly. Adzuki bean is accent of texture Namacha zerii which occasionally appears, the inner skin chestnut, bubble pop.


It is 1,482 yen in "tea" to enjoy texture of kudzu having just finished working out after being in a limited quantity all day long, and receiving orders

Taste that kudzu rice cake with melty Matcha bean jam using good luck Kazura Nomoto is unforgettable if we eat once. We offer kneading on fire length to work out after receiving orders. Good-quality Matcha is special dish which is bright to eyes which we make strong tea of "old days of Uji", and for cup suffered from.