It is founded in 1897. Kimono production which deals with shoulder-worn robe production of Japanese oldest temple belonging to the Zen sect and esoteric Buddhism temple, Imperial Family presentation clothes. We let art fuse with the skill of craftsman and produce kimono, scarf tie bag under the theme of "we live with wind".

Flagship shop of OKANO. We display kimono, scarf, bag utilized tradition dyeing and weaving of Japan. Specialty store where contracted stylist copes carefully, and there is custom tailoring. We suggest good-quality gift and souvenir conveying Japanese tradition, culture.

Established in 1897, Okano produces kesa (Buddhist stoles) for Japan’s oldest zen temples and Esoteric Buddhist temples. As a kimono producer, Okana has even worked on attire for the imperial family. Fusing craftsmanship and art, Okano produces kimonos, scarves, neck ties, bags, and other items infused with its “living with the wind” theme.

As the flagship, the GINZA SIX Okano location offers kimonos, scarves, bags, and other items created through traditional Japanese dyeing and weaving techniques. This specialty store also accepts custom orders and offers courteous assistance from dedicated stylists. We also offer suggestions for high-quality gifts and commemorative items that convey the traditions and culture of Japan.

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