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Premium legwear brand Tabio targeting markets around the world. We will deliver real legwear made of solid materials and craftsmanship from Ginza, one of Japan's leading players, to the world.

The latest legwear of Made in Japan, which is proud of the world, is always available. In addition, Ginza Limited, which is particular about material and design, is also available. The over-the-counter embroidery service also allows customers to order socks.

Tabio, a premium legwear brand, targets the worldwide market. Produced with reliable materials and craftsmanship, our authentic legwear is now delivered to the world from Ginza, one of Japan’s most well-known destinations.

Tabio continually develops the latest world-class, made-in-Japan legwear. We also offer limited Ginza editions featuring carefully selected materials and designs. In addition, we accept orders for customized one-of-a-kind socks and leggings through our in-store embroidery service.

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