KWANPEN quawan pen

Founded in Singapore in 1938 by famous Kwan Pen Seng. Handbags and accessories made of elegant crocodile leather are characterized by beautiful cuts and classical lines supported by the traditional craftsmanship.

GINZA SIX boutiques will deliver handbags and accessories with vivid coloring and beautiful design of Japan's first landing. Please enjoy the luxurious world of KWANPEN supported by unchanging tradition techniques.

Founded in 1938 in Singapore by Master Craftsman Mr. Kwan Pen Seng, KWANPEN has evolved into a leading luxury leather goods and accessories brand specialised in Crocodile Leather. KWANPEN’s handmade collections pay homage to the brand’s heritage of superior craftsmanship, creating timeless and luxurious handbags and accessories. The clean cut and classic lines of each KWANPEN design creation accentuate the beauty of the unique scale patterns of Crocodile Leather.

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