NAKAGAWA MASASHICHI SHOTEN nakagawamasashichishoten

It is founded in Nara in 1716. We are doing crafts-based manufacturing of Japan in thought of taking a lesson from the past only in long-established store with history of 300 years in the root. We have life tool growing up into favorite thing in what we continue using.

We focus on "Japanese crafts" becoming base of manufacturing of Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten and establish corner treating article which was particular about material and the skill more. Parcel of present suggests Japanese paper and how to wrap (cages) using polygonum filiforme.

We were established in Nara in 1716. As a 300 years old company, we make products on a theme of Japanese craft based on a spirit of "learning from history". We carry a variety of everyday life goods to be your beloved ones after long use.

Focusing on Japanese craft, our base for production, we've selected higher quality goods in material and technique from our proud products. For the gift wrapping, we offer Japanese traditional "Origata" using washi paper and cord knot.

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