Founded in 1816. GYOKUSENDO has been working on copperware production in Niigata and Tsubame Sanjo for 200 years. GYOKUSENDO's copperware is a living vessel that increases the luster and taste as you use it. We hit. Time strikes.' We declare charm of copperware which GYOKUSENDO's copperware.

In addition to copperware, we will develop silverware and wood grain tea utensils and sake ware. The store environment is designed to be wrapped around copper plates. Twenty-one craftsmen from GYOKUSENDO craftsmen hand-painted the surface of each one. Changes over time are one of the pleasures of the future.

Established in 1816, Gyokusendo has been producing fine copperware for 200 years. Made in Tsubame-sanjo(Niigata),the true beauty of Gyokusendo's hand-hammered copperware comes alive with age. Strike.Make your mark on time.

In addition to copperware, the showroom features silver and mokume-gane ware,as well as tea and sake ware. The showroom interior, which uses copper paneling hand-hammered by Gyokusendo's twenty-one copper artisans, will add a unique depth of character to the showroom as it ages.

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