Sense "that we like" in oneself that we had many experiences in the life, and it was trimmed by the ultimate what, meanwhile, we found. This likes and suggests clothes which fitted comfortable yapparikouiukoto ... such part in design and good-quality quality. Company creation is presented at hand nitoriyai fair price by high price product feeling value in main.

The staff who was familiar with philosophy of brand demonstrates suggestion of sale service with hospitality and precise wearing. We perform the making of fan whom satisfaction that all customers who had you do shopping are high in is got from steadily.

After we have had many experiences in our life, we acquired a sense of "love" which is polished to a minimum in ourselves such as "I like this one", "it is comfortable" , "this is it after all" and so on. Ebure would like to offer clothing with a beautiful design and high quality which will touch and satisfy these feelings .
We mainly carry our own original label along with luxury products with high value to affordable and reasonable products.

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Ladies' bag & shoes fashion goods

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