Face of producer, builder assumes manufacturing to be able to see feelings and provides rich wardrobe for man living in the present age when we had both universal design and high quality. In addition, we make skilled barber even with barber and provide style and service that reflected modern needs while being classical.

169 square meters of stores of in-shop type where first wear and barber were gathered up in 1 floor in FREEMANS SPORTING CLUB. From haircut to clothes, we may say that it is right Shops for man of adult.

With its combination of universal designs and high quality, Freemans Sporting Club presents an extensive wardrobe for the modern man. We’re committed to a manufacturing approach that highlights the identities of our producers and craftspeople. The store hires highly skilled hairstylists to offer styling and services steeped in tradition but in close touch with contemporary needs and trends.

Measuring 169 square meters, this sprawling in-complex store is the first brand location to position a clothing department and barber shop on a single floor. From haircuts to quality clothing, F.S.C. is truly a store for adult men.

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