72 Degrees Juicery + Caféby David Myers
72 Degrees Juicery + Café by David Myers

72 degrees Fahrenheit that it is felt that people are the most comfortable at average temperature of Southern California. As symbol of healthy, active Southern California, Michelin star chef David Myers suggests lifestyle that is UP LIFT by super food smoothie and open sandwich, salad, original menu with full of refined California feelings including dessert.

Michelin star chef David Myers of California provides smoothie using super food attracting attention in the United States having high beauty and health conscious in original recipe. We reproduce original smoothie which Chef David swallows up every day at 72 degrees of GINZA SIX. Star chef playing an active part in all parts of the world finishes various fruit and vegetables to healthy smoothie deliciously.

72 degrees Fahrenheit is the average temperature in southern California and the temperature at which humans are believed to feel most comfortable. As a symbol of healthy and active southern California, Michelin-star chef David Myers proposes an uplifting lifestyle with a menu replete with sophisticated California style, including superfood smoothies, open sandwiches, salads, desserts, and more.

Working from distinct and original recipes, California-based Michelin star chef David Myers offers smoothies made from superfoods—highly beneficial foods drawing increasing attention in the beauty and health-conscious U.S. market. This original smoothie, which Chef David drinks every morning, is recreated at 72° here in GINZA SIX. Here, the star chef who works throughout the world creates great-tasting and healthy smoothies from an expansive range of fruits and vegetables.

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Café Western Food, Bakery, Sweets, and Beverages 

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We accept reservations for private events. Please note that smoking is not permitted. Takeout options are available.

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