72 Degrees Juicery + Café by David Myers

  • Price range
  • "72D Classic Burger Set" to be baked after ordering

  • "Faceup Open Sand Bacon and Onion, Tomato" to want to share various flavors

  • "72D Original Recipe Smoothie," a blend of super food abundantly.

  • Specialty sauce "Bacon Egg and Lemon Harrisa" with a strong sauce.

  • It uses plenty of ingredients and expresses luxurious appearance and deliciousness.

  • The spacious space is free to use from the sofa to the table.

  • For active and comfortable lifestyle in southern California

  • They share exciting menus, taste and taste.

The average temperature in southern California is 72 degrees Celsius, which makes people feel most comfortable. As a symbol of a healthy and active southern California, Michelin Star Chef David Myers proposes an UP LIFT lifestyle with sophisticated California-like original menus such as super-food smoothies, open sandwiches, salads and desserts.

A smoothie using super-food that is attracting attention in the United States with high beauty and health consciousness will be provided by California Michelin Star Chef David Myers with original recipes. The original smoothie that Chef David drinks every day is reproduced at 72 ° of GINZA SIX. Star chefs active all over the world make various fruits and vegetables delicious and healthy.

72 degrees Fahrenheit is the average temperature in southern California and the temperature at which humans are believed to feel most comfortable. As a symbol of healthy and active southern California, Michelin-star chef David Myers proposes an uplifting lifestyle with a menu replete with sophisticated California style, including superfood smoothies, open sandwiches, salads, desserts, and more.

Working from distinct and original recipes, California-based Michelin star chef David Myers offers smoothies made from superfoods—highly beneficial foods drawing increasing attention in the beauty and health-conscious U.S. market. This original smoothie, which Chef David drinks every morning, is recreated at 72° here in GINZA SIX. Here, the star chef who works throughout the world creates great-tasting and healthy smoothies from an expansive range of fruits and vegetables.

This is the best three to eat.


Exciting 1,380 yen for "72D Classic Burger Set" which is baked after ordering

Beef patis made of 100% lean meat is full of volume. Alpha, also called natural supplement, has a crisp feeling. The taste makes you want to wear it. There is a special set menu for lunchtime.

West 2

"Faceup Open Sand Bacon, Onion, Tomato" 1,280 yen to eat by sharing various flavors


A rich blend of super food "72D original recipe smoothie" 900 yen ~

From the shop

For active and comfortable lifestyle in southern California

CHEF DAVID MYERS supervises all the details of menus and interiors. Healthy food and dessert menus designed by DAVID traveling around the world are loved by fans around the world.


Professional genre: French cuisine

Born in the United States in 1974. As a chef while studying at university, he has the ability to acquire one Michelin star as a French chef at a high-end French restaurant [SONA]. It is also called a Gipsy chef who expresses the knowledge and experience gained around the world in cooking, and attracts the world with dishes born from free ideas regardless of genre. Above all, he loves southern California. Stores that fully express their active and comfortable lifestyle have been opened around the world and are gaining popularity.

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※Business conditions are subject to change in a hurry. For more information, please contact the store.

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Available for charter, non-smoking, bar available.

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