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German noble family brand Leica which was supported by optical technique and tradition of craftsman ship cultivated during history for 160 years. We continue innovation while succeeding to tradition and continue always cooking special dish in pursuit of the best quality.

To concept of "living satisfied really" that GINZA SIX publishes, we add to camera, binoculars product, and accessories do abundantly lineup, too. In addition, we hold various events and seminars commencing with photo exhibition and provide space to be able to enjoy photograph generally.

Leica is a famous German brand backed by traditional craftsmanship and optical technology cultivated over a history that spans 160 years. While passing down traditions, Leica continues to innovate and tirelessly pursue the ultimate in quality in the creation of exquisite products.

In line with the GINZA SIX concept of providing ‘Life At Its Best - the most satisfying way of living’, a wealth of products is available including cameras, binoculars, and accessories. A variety of seminars and events are also planned to help you further enjoy the rich world of photography.

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