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It is founded in 1958. We create product full of beautilities and rich time when "people and nature, person and people are connected" with cause, high quality of idea to "be user by oneself". In new key called mobile house, we suggest nature-oriented lifestyle from life.

We suggest new living that Snow Peak deals with. We have "house box with-JYUBAKO-" o axis, and mobile house by Kengo Kuma is the world's first concept Shops proposing new form "maruchihabiteshon" of urban life.

Founded in 1958, Snow Peak offers premium products that boast exceptional functionality and beauty. They promise enchanting hours in which people can connect to nature and to one another, based on the concept that we are not only producers but satisfied end-users. Using a mobile home as a new yardstick, we propose a nature-oriented lifestyle that can be incorporated into our daily lives.

Snow Peak proposes a new mode of life. Based on the Jyubako (“living box”) mobile home developed by Kengo Kuma, this is the world’s first concept shop to advocate multi-habitation as a new mode of urban living.

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