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We want to express good-quality "fixing of clothes" that we cultivated in department store "Shoo repair" even more so far at place called Ginza. good quality and the request of the visitor there.

We suggest reform & remake of new clothes as "technical professional group". It becomes space that you can talk about with customer who came in Shops which had both Shoo repair newly slowly.

We wanted to take the high-quality clothes repair and shoe repair services we’ve developed in department stores and better express them in a Ginza setting. Based on an unwavering commitment to quality and a desire to accommodate a vast range of customer requests, we hope to convey our high level of technical expertise.

As a group of technical professionals, we suggest new ways to reform and remake clothes. As a new location that also offers shoe repair services, we’ve developed a space where visiting customers can engage in the consultation process at their own pace.

Basic information


Fixing of clothes, bag, shoes

Business Hours
From 10:30 to 20:30

※We may change the business situation in a hurry. For more details, please refer to store.

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Tax free service

Contact information

Phone number

Clothes fixing: 03-6264-5113

Shoes repair: 03-6264-5114



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