Ironbark Grill & Bar
Iron Burk grill and bar

  • Genre Modern Australian Cuisine
  • Price range Mean unit price: Lunch

    , dinner


From shop

Stylish atmosphere

Dining, lounge, counter are available according to the scene

Bar counter of marble getting a lot of looks conspicuously at entrance in shop. There are sofa seat which is cozy relaxedly in the depths of wine cellar, dining area that was extensive more in the depths and is available in total in various scenes.

It is recommended to date

From deluxe dinner of memorial day to easy casual date

Good-quality space that was full of polish is good to date with important person. It is wonderful to spend an elegant time in main dining, but it is recommended to enjoy casual date without putting on airs at counter seat.

It is recommended to girls-only gathering

With style that is free in spite of being relaxation at seat of oneself preference elegantly girls-only gathering

In modern dining, we thoroughly enjoy rare beef from Australia. We can enjoy casual girls-only gathering while sharing Bath KNACK in bar counter and lounge. It is deluxe to relax at spacious sofa seat.

It is recommended to reception, dinner meeting

Calm private room and large lounge are most suitable for business scene

Private room which is available to up to 12 people is most suitable for reception and meeting, dinner meeting. In calm atmosphere, story of important business is pushed forward smoothly. Other than private room, wide lounge and dining are popular.

We are particular about cocktail

Please enjoy original cocktail.

You can enjoy cocktail using seasonal fruit with bar counter by all means.

There is private room

In private space full of open feeling, we spend relaxing time

Private room where we arranged big table for is available to up to 12 people. We can look around scenery of Ginza from big window and there is not feeling of pressure in spite of being private room and is opening-like atmosphere. Enjoy private time without minding people.

Relaxing atmosphere

To dining bar lounge and feeling

The shop consisting of sections of bar counter lounge dining private room is available to use. We suggest luxury time after the meal in lounge.

It is easy to enter alone

We drink one with bar counter smartly

Do you not make favorite shop to put casually? One that person who wants to enjoy time wants to talk with bartender, please go to visit by all means slowly.

Atmosphere of dishes, shop