Ironbark Grill & Bar
Iron Burk grill and bar

  • Genre Modern Australian Cuisine
  • Price range Mean unit price: Lunch



Vest 3 which wants you to eat only this


"True risotto by saute bamboo shoot and seaweed of red sea bream" feeling season for festival of seasonal ingredients 3,240 yen

Risotto which bamboo shoot and seaweed were contained in to soup of mellow fish uses fruit of side in substitution for rice. As for sauteed red sea bream which is soft and full during lenticel paritto, flavor of citron is accent. It is refreshing flavor one dish to spread.


"O'Connor beef TENDERLOIN (fillet meat) exquisite as for the field firing from Australia" 3,800 yen

The calm finish pink as for the beef which eats grass not feed, and grew up the inside. Because there is few, and fatty meat is healthy, we can have in no time. Light sweet sauce which we attached seasonal ingredients to is good.


Texture "mille-feuille" which is thin inoniparitto Krispy like paper 925 yen

We made dessert which everybody loved with wheat and cloth of thin, delicate part phyllo made of corn which did not include oil and fat. It is sweets like love that texture that is Milky matches lightly after having thoroughly enjoyed full-course meal.