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  • Price range Lunch


  • Drawing card menu in shop "steamed chicken specialite de la maison flavor spicy oil of specialty of JASMINE "slaver chicken" Kazusa and Shimousa Old Hakke" clogged up with thought

  • Lunch-limited 90 minutes system, all 45 articles "Yum cha order buffets"

  • "Fish dish preserving its shape specially made thick plain hot water soy sauce stewed beauty and spirit which is clogged up with the material of sharkfin"

  • "Black fried rice of eel" that nice smell is appetizing

  • Though it is mellow, it is met by "specially made tantanmen using homemade kneading on fire sesame" which worked of punch

  • "Tower for Taho-nyorai sewing of kuishumeisaihigashi*niku" (braised pork belly) that is soft to come loose

  • "Sichuan X SUKIYAKI" distinguished for Balance of sweetness and sharp taste

  • "Nest of boxes of recommended small appetizer six kinds friendship heart Han greens is in the bloom" of various taste

  • Refined modern private room which is usable for important dinner meeting

  • Perfect location that can look down at cityscape of Ginza

  • Quiet appearance that lets you forget the urban noise

  • Atmosphere that there is open feeling brightly, and is easy to enter

  • For smile to spill unintentionally when we ate delicious thing

  • Calm dining which lets you feel coziness

  • It is recommended to hospitality such as receptions

  • It is completely equipped with private room which can value private brightly in opening-like space

"The sum feeling Han greens" retaining sensitivity of "the sum" in traditional Chinese food are stylish Chinese restaurants of theme

We embody with "the sum feeling Han greens" which crossed heart of aesthetic sense, ingredients and hospitality in foundation by the legitimate skill and way of thinking that Chinese food originally has in the Japanese four seasons. A time that is mouth fortune without choosing the scene until abundant a la carte menu and business lunch, dinner with important one.

As our new attempt, it retains sensitivity of "the sum" in traditional Chinese food. We want to meet customer with Chinese food which we put thought and idea like quality of JASMINE, quality of Ginza and Japan on. Such thought is put in "the sum feeling Han greens" of store's name.

Based on our motto of “Chinese cooking with a Japanese spirit,” we produce dishes that channel Japan’s seasons, aesthetic sense, ingredients, and hospitality based on classical skills and approaches drawn from Chinese cuisine. Enjoy a delightful hour, whether dining a la carte or enjoying a business lunch or dinner with someone special.

As a new-found challenge, we seek to merge the Japanese sensibility of wa with traditional Chinese cuisine. We want to offer customers Chinese cuisine that expresses creativity as well as the characteristics of JASMINE, Ginza, and Japan as a whole. This is why we adopted the store name of Washinkansai (which one might translate “Chinese cooking with a Japanese spirit”).

Vest 3 which wants you to eat only this


Drawing card menu "steamed chicken specialite de la maison flavor spicy oil of specialty of JASMINE "slaver chicken" Kazusa and Shimousa Old Hakke" 1,780 yen that thought of shop was jam-packed

Specialite de la maison spicy oil and black vinegar-based vinegar sweetened with mirin and sugar sauce which moved flavor of 15 kinds of spice to steaming Kazusa and Shimousa Old Hakke which we put up with moisture pick quarrel well. It is one article that was compared when "mouth water = slaver" appears just to have imagined the taste.


"Stewed fish dish preserving its shape specially made heavy plain hot water soy sauce of sharkfin" 7,000 yen that is clogged up with beauty and the material of spirit


1,400 yen that is met by "specially made tantanmen using homemade kneading on fire sesame" which worked of punch though it is mellow

From shop

Lunch-limited order buffet which can enjoy all 45 articles of cooking

Main order buffet starts dim sum only in ranch. We can enjoy recommended dim sum which [JASMINE] makes with all 45 articles and variation-rich assortment of goods in heart line bears.

Cook/Tsutomu Yoshizawa

Specialized genre: The Chinese whole

1981, Hokkaido birth. Dishes which we made while seeing Chinese cookbook at the age of junior high student are praised by family saying "it is delicious" and word is unforgettable and wants to be cook. We study cook school after the graduation in Chinese restaurant in Hokkaido. We go to Tokyo at 25 years old and enter [Grand Hyatt Tokyo CHINA ROOM]. After having experienced Guangdong dim sum and pan ground for about seven years, it is provoked by Yamaguchi transfers to [JASMINE]. We take office as chef of [the sum feeling Han greens] in chef, April, 2017 of [JASMINE Hiroo Main Store] in 2012.

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Chinese food

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From 11:00 to 15:00 (LO: 14:30)
From 17:00 to 23:00 (LO: 22:00)

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From one month ago of reservation day

There is private room, and reserved correspondence is possible, and there are non-smoking, English, Chinese, and there are service charge 10% (only as for the dinner), car seat

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osodan including catering to lunch and office for meeting

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