il Cardinale
il Cardinale

  • Price range Lunch
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Takahashi male

Pizza and job of deep craftsman of pasta that we learned for school days are the origins of cook

It was born in 1982 and is from Tokyo. We are impressed with taste of pizza and pasta which we ate in Western food restaurant of part-time job for school days and decide that oneself aims at way of cook. Cardinal enters the company in 2006. After having acquired study in flagship shop of the company [SABATINI di Firenze], we act as vice-chef in [P.C.M] and pizzeria [Don Sabatini] of other business styles. After 2017 [yl karudinare] OPEN from last October the second generation chef.

  • Specialized genre Italian food

Specialty dish

"Gnocchi of stew pepozo and potato of beef and black pepper"

Local cuisine of Tuscany located in the central part of Italy. We are distinguished for affinity with soft gnocchi which we finished in near texture to cry only for sauce and potato which stewed hindshank in black pepper and red wine slowly and carefully.

Discerning ingredients

We use sutorakkinochizu which is not readily used in Japan

"We use for afettatomisuto and sutorakkinochizu "fikattore". It tastes sour and is exquisite when we eat with prosciutto ham and salami, churros of garnish. mantovanosarami is particular about the softness, too.