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We are particular about domestic ingredients

Using fresh ingredients to select carefully, and to stock to one article full of senses of the seasons

Seafood is from Miura, and, as for the meat, as for domestic production, the vegetables, Kamakura vegetables are the center; regular ten kinds or more. Fresh fresh vegetables are strong and can enjoy crunchy resistance to the teeth. Cheese and seasoning are articles of chef careful selection, too.

Taste of home here

Italian local cuisine around the Italy Tuscany district

Shop which local cuisine of arrangement being aware of the home can eat using Italian ingredients. We boil Italian vegetables cooked in the country feelings to select carefully, and to use and do. When taste with impact eats once, to get sick.

We are particular about ingredients

It is full of special dishes which valued story of dishes and ingredients

We are particular about olive oil and cheese, cereals and devise for how to use. One one of the garnishs which were cooked deliciously to patronize main material shows good material.

We are particular about seasonal ingredients

Italian full of senses of the seasons that took in seasonal ingredients abundantly

Using ingredients to be able to taste only in the season in the season, dishes which can taste season are prepared in variation richness. It is healed heart and soul by the wonderful fusion to feel the four seasons in Japan in Italians.

It is recommended to date

Casual date that is Italian in trattoria cheerful brightly

Style called trattoria does not set up a shoulder and an elbow, and what we can enjoy carelessly brightly is attractive. We can soak ourselves for a time when we seemed to totally go to Italy in delicious dishes and delicious wine, the bright noise just like home Italy.

We are particular about wine

Sommelier careful selection wine is enriched in wine list of shop pride

Eyes are fastened by wine list of shop pride that sommelier selected carefully. There is wine stocking with shop original distribution root, and rare wine which I can rarely see is treated.

Atmosphere of dishes, shop

  • Cheerful trattoria where there is the Italian mood

  • It is good to date and conversing with with friend with calm atmosphere

  • To one dish that serves using discerning ingredients beautifully, and is gorgeous