il Cardinale
il Cardinale

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Vest 3 which wants you to eat only this


Italy local cuisine "gnocchi of stewed black pepper "pepozo" and potato of beef" of Toscana

pepozo is black pepper of beef and stewed red wine and we originally serve mashed potato and are offered, but gnocchi of potato is picked up on the top in this shop. Gnocchi and affinity preeminence with sweetness.


"Grilled carefully selected pork" to shut in taste at super high temperature of 900 degrees Celsius, and to bake

Various brand pork of available each places of the whole country is used then to Kyushu by Hokkaido. Taste is shut in tightly and is the very juicy finish to bake with oven of 900 degrees Celsius at a stretch.


"Caprese of sutoratchaterra and fried tomato" which is fascinated by the novelty

In form that is unexpected by shop original arrangement with standard Caprese in Italians. We draw sweetness by roasting tomato and are Caprese of new sense to taste in sutoratchaterrachizu which does not disturb the texture.