• Price range lunch
    - dinner
  • This is a ghost course where you can enjoy from 9 to 30 bottles.

  • Osaka's specialty, Wagyu Suji Meat Doteyaki, is perfect for sake.

  • "The seafood bowl of tuna and homemade sesame soy sauce"

  • "Oita production area direct delivery of Dutch king's egg rice" using rich, deep and discerning eggs.

  • "Angel's Ebi Ameliquenu Sauce" with strong taste

  • Best for date. A side-by-side counter and a private room with a view of the night view.

  • Stylish dining floor with a focus on fashion

  • A private room overlooking Ginza Street from a large window facing the street.

  • A Japanese-style private room space where you can enjoy a relaxing meal in a comfortable atmosphere.

  • An entrance with a sophisticated mood

  • The contents of the course are examined according to each customer.

  • The wine selection is based on the tastes and conditions of the people who gather.

  • The stylish private room with a mood is perfect for entertainment and dating.

  • Meals while watching the night view of Ginza are also exceptional.

  • For entertainment and dating. A private room with a comfortable atmosphere with Japanese modan

Enjoy the seasonal blessings with skewers.
Japanese-style hideaway space where you can relax and enjoy.

Based on the concept of unique creative skewers that feel the health of customers through food and the four seasons (season), all the deliciousness is expressed with a single skewer that is fully extracted. Please enjoy the creative skewers fried by the skewers culture of Osaka.

Based on the taste of the birthplace of Kushikatsu, the new world daruma, the kiwa taste is based on the concept of creative skewers that feel the four seasons, and is an elaborate course unique to the Ginza store where you can enjoy each one with sight and taste. It is finished.

We express any kind of tastiness in a kushiage (deep fried skewer) by the concept of you health and the beautiful four seasons of Japan.We hope you will enjoy our special authentic Osaka kushiages.

We created the tastiness in a full-course just like in Shinsekai Daruma where the kushiage was born, and will satisfy your eyes and tongue.

This is the best three to eat.


This is a fun course that can be enjoyed from 9 to 30 bottles.

Uses healthy rice oil using the clothing and breadcrumbs of "Kushikatsu Daruma", a popular Osaka New World. This is a skewer-fried course where you can enjoy eating with your eyes and enjoy eating, and smile with anyone. ・Angel shrimp, new bamboo shoots, Tosa fried leaves with sprouts and leaves.

West 2

Osaka's specialty, Wagyu beef suji meat doteyaki, is perfect for sake.


Shime is 600 yen at "Maguro and homemade sesame soy sauce seafood bowl".

From the shop

We have a private room with a view of Ginza Chuo-dori about Kushiage from the home of Osaka.

A private room that is popular for entertaining and dating because you can enjoy the popular Kushiage in Osaka while feeling the gorgeousness of Ginza. The two private rooms are for 4 people and 8 people, both of which are relaxing and digging spaces. Please feel free to consult about your budget and production.

chef Kazunari Hirai

Professional genre: Japanese food in general

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1984. When I was a student, I worked part-time at a restaurant to learn about the fun of cooking and thinking about menus, and became a way of cooking. He has trained at various restaurants and is currently working at the Daruma Kiwami Ginza store.

Basic Information

Floor floor

Deep Fried Skewers

Business Hours
11:00-15:00 (LO: 14:30)
17:00-23:00 (LO: 22:00)

※Business conditions are subject to change in a hurry. For more information, please contact the store.

Price range
- dinner

Number of seats


Reservations Available
Can be reserved on the day

There is a private room, non-smoking, English / Chinese / Korean menu, no service fee, child seat available (one leg)

Facility Services

point program

Parking service

Contact information

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There is a counter, a private consultation is required.

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