• Genre Deep Fried Skewers
  • Price range Lunch
    - Dinner
    5,200 yen ...



We provide variation-rich deep-fried skewers for rich idea

1984, Osaka birth. In the days of student, know pleasure of it making dishes with opportunity to have worked part-time in restaurant, and thinking about menu, on way of dishes. We acquire study in various restaurants and are showing our skill now in [darumakiwa taste Ginza store].

  • Overall specialized genre Japanese dishes
  • Years of experience 12 years

Miki Ikezawa

Selection of wine thinks of preference and condition of gathering person

It was born in 1989. We are from Kyoto. On, via Shibuya [kafeburyu] Asakusa [La Maison du 1 sho Vin], opening kiwa taste Ginza store, for wine charge. We were attracted by taste and profundity of Japanese wine and studied by self-education and passed Japanese wine official approval in only half a year. We stimulate sensitivity of customer while acquiring study facing Japanese wine every day and polish sensitivity to have you please heartily.

  • Specialized genre wine

Specialty dish

Strong "a type of sauce called Americane of prawns of angel" of taste

Prawns of angel who can eat even sonomamaya salt deliciously enough. We want you to have more deliciously, and put stock which we took from miso and husk of head in bouillon of potherb together and offer with sauce which we stew slowly and carefully and finished.

Discerning ingredients

Sakizuke "new bamboo shoot and we cook laying upon of straight dried bean curds" that valued sense of the seasons

Dishes of the course beginning begin with Sakizuke. At first we want to have you feel season for appearance and taste, and, with this one item of Sakizuke, Sakizuke uses seasonal ingredients in season.