• Genre Deep Fried Skewers
  • Price range Lunch
    - Dinner
    5,200 yen ...

From shop

There is private room

We have deep-fried skewers of home Osaka in private room which can overlook Ginza Chuo-dori

Because can enjoy deep-fried skewers which are popular in Osaka while feeling gaiety of Ginza; private room on reception and date of popularity. If two private rooms are for four, by eight business, both are cozy kotatsu set in the floor space. As for budget or the direction feeling free to contact.

It is recommended to reception, dinner meeting

If it is deep-fried skewers banquet, it is reservations of up to 30 people and all-you-can-drink course

Location that is just right for banquet that mind including year-end party including the closed-door use from use of half private room to ten to 30 and new annual convention cannot put. Please swell for group and professional taste to enjoy.

We are particular about wine

50 kinds of regular wine is prepared from world wine to rare Japanese wine

We always add red, white, 50 kinds of bubbles and dishes because we make lineup and can enjoy bottle and glass. It is one of the reasons that want to go to recommended wine of in every month that sommelier with Japanese wine official approval qualification chooses.

We are particular about seasonal ingredients

At pace favorite with seasonal ingredients fried with craftsmanship quickly

Brown sauce, crunchy batter, taste of discerning deep-fried skewers including healthy rice oil do not stop when they begin to eat. Let alone allergy and ingredients which we do not like, we meet consultation of vegan and vegetarian.

There is reservation privilege

Until date and girls-only gathering, reception and banquet, there is privilege for important hospitality

When have inform, "saw homepage" in the case of reservation; the private room fee for use in 15% OFF. Furthermore, we present one cup of drink for toast (only as for the draft beer glass of wine soft drinks).

Atmosphere of dishes, shop

  • Entrance where there is the refined mood

  • Stylish private room with the mood is good to reception and date

  • Meal while we look at night view of Ginza is particular again