• Genre Deep Fried Skewers
  • Price range Lunch
    - Dinner
    5,200 yen ...

Vest 3 which wants you to eat only this


In selected course to be able to enjoy from nine to 30, it is nine eating a food with great relish "creation pork fried on a skewer" 5,200 yen ... in the wonder of combination of seasonal foods

We use healthy rice oil using batter and bread crumbs of popular "pork fried on a skewer Dharma" in Osaka new world. It is deep-fried skewers course that can become smile even if we eat judging from eye happily and visit with whom who is delicious. ・Angel with bud dried bean curds others of prawns, new bamboo shoot Tosa deep frying


500 yen not to be able to take off specialty of Osaka "grilled embankment where hot hotness just fits liquor of Japanese beef line meat"

One article that cooked line meat and konjac of Japanese beef with miso and stock carefully. From person trouble to cook after refreshing accent to feel gently being flavor oil of ginger and white green onion, and frying line meat. Sake and shochu advance by bittersweet finish.


Occupying is 600 yen with "tuna and seafood bowl of homemade sesame soy sauce" without any regret

One article of popularity to have you twine chef specially made sesame soy sauce around red meat of fresh tuna which you stocked from Toyosu market. Anyone that nice smell of roasting sesame and specially made soy sauce enhances taste of tuna is rice thing of large satisfaction.