• Price range lunch
    - dinner

  • You can taste the top of yakiniku! The melting taste "Hire"

  • "Tan," which makes the juice spread in the mouth.

  • You can enjoy a different taste and texture one by one! Ultimate "raw karbi"

  • hormone

  • You can enjoy various parts! 'Good meat course if you eat it anyway'

  • Selected wine that goes well with yakiniku. In addition to the world's famous wines, Japanese wines and wines

  • From popular brands to famous sake, sake and shochu are also available.

  • Looking at the night view of Ginza, a delicious and adult yakiniku date.

  • Arrangement of semi-private rooms is also OK. A private meal is available.

  • With the image of baking up to the top of the flavor,

  • special meat

  • Extremely packed

  • Akabari

  • white serving

  • Tantro

  • king carbie

  • raw tanshio

  • mountain water salad

  • Polar kiwami set meal

  • Special Yakiniku set meal

  • Takumi-takumi set meal

  • Recommended for dating, entertainment, anniversary, etc.

  • The space for adults in Ginza's new spot is perfect for business scenes.

If you eat it anyway, it's delicious!
Enjoy the taste of famous yakiniku shops in the luxury space of GINZA SIX.

Under the motto "Good meat if you eat anyway", pursue the original taste of meat. Thoroughly sticking to "raw meat", "hand-cut by craftsmen" and "tale", the purchase of meat is limited to reliable traders. We pursue only taste without being tied to production areas.

Based on our concept, we will refine "delicious meat", "craftsman's technology" and "heartfelt service", and provide more customers with Luxury time and "Yakuniku Sansui" that can only be enjoyed here. You.

"Delicious beef if you do eat at all" We are proud of our insistence on fresh, non-frozen beef, hand-cut by our special chefs and signature sauce. We only use trusted suppliers for our beef.

While pursuing the concepts, we provide luxury service and our own "Sansui" experiences exclusively in Ginza with the finest beef, our select staff and heartfelt hospitality.

This is the best three to eat.


Convincing to all 10 royal road lineups, including 5 delicious meats that the store boasts, "If you eat it anyway, delicious meat course" 8,800 yen

A signboard course with confidence in our store. Starting with handmade kimchi, namul, and umami specialty Tantro, you can enjoy A5 Japanese black beef fins, sirloins, Zabuton, peach meat, and various "delicious meats".

West 2

The proud tongue that is overwhelmed by its thickness has a melting taste "Tantro 4,000 yen".


Sight 5,000 yen for a dish "Sansui Steak (Hire)" where you can enjoy the carefully selected Japanese black beef fins.

From the shop

No freezing! Focusing on "raw meat" refrigerated at optimal temperature.

Regardless of the production area and brand, we have arrived every day with meat that is particular about "delicious" from all over Japan. Please enjoy the excellent freshness of "delicious yakiniku", which has fully demonstrated the techniques and knowledge of raw meat, such as how to cut and bake.

Chef / General Zhao Go

Professional genre: Yakiniku (Roasted Meat)

Born in 1992, from Kanagawa Prefecture. From the beginning, when he wanted to do this job, he had the dream of having his own shop, and decided to engage in his favorite food, "baked meat." A chef who is straight on the meat that he strongly sympathized with the specialty of Yakiniku Sansui when he thought he would take a position to be provided. Even in the same part, cut the raw meat by identifying how to contain the streaks and fats of each cow. The kitchen knife handling that maximizes the taste of meat, which is also the specialty of the store, is a wonderful word.

Basic Information

Floor floor

Yakiniku (Roasted Meat)

Business Hours
11:00-15:30 (LO: 14:30)
17:00-23:00 (LO: 22:00)

※Business conditions are subject to change in a hurry. For more information, please contact the store.

Price range
- dinner


Number of seats


Reservations Available
One month before the reservation date

There is a semi-private room, charterable, non-smoking, take-out available, English / Chinese menu, service fee 10%, child seat available.

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