Roasted meat sun Sui

  • Price range Lunch
    - Dinner

  • Blissful taste to be able to taste top of yakiniku! Melty taste "fins"

  • "Tongue" which howls to meat juices spreading in juwa and mouth

  • Can enjoy different taste and texture by one piece; ultimate "straight sparerib!"

  • Hormone

  • We can enjoy various parts! "Meat course which is delicious if we eat anyway"

  • We select carefully with wine matching yakiniku. In addition to world mei* wine, as for the Japanese wine

  • It keeps a lot of sake, shochu to famous sake from brand of popularity to the people in the know, too

  • Yakiniku date of & adult who is delicious in spite of being view in night view of Ginza

  • Arrangement of half private room is OK, too. Meal with a feeling of private is possible

  • In hand limit to be full of tops of taste in the image of until baking

  • Discerning meat

  • The pole height

  • The red height

  • Height of white

  • Tongue fatty tuna

  • King sparerib

  • Raw salted tongue

  • Hills and rivers salad

  • Pole-kiwami-set meal

  • Specially selected yakiniku set meal

  • Artisan-takumi-set meal

  • It is recommended to the use such as date, reception, memorial day

  • Space of adult at new spot of Ginza is most suitable for business scene

Meat which is delicious if we eat anyway!
We enjoy taste of well-known store of yakiniku in deluxe space of GINZA SIX

It is pursuit for meat original taste to motto in meat "which is good if we eat" anyway. Only with supplier that we are particular about the "raw meat" "hand limit by craftsman" "hanging" thoroughly, and we have trust for the stocking of meat. We pursue only taste without being tied up in production centers.

Based on our concept, we hone "delicious meat" "technique of craftsman" "heartfelt service" and will provide "the yakiniku hills and rivers" which many customers can less taste only time and here that are Luxuary.

"Delicious beef if you do eat at all" We are proud of our insistence on fresh, non-frozen beef, hand-cut by our special chefs and signature sauce. We only use trusted suppliers for our beef.

While pursuing the concepts, we provide luxury service and our own "Sansui" experiences exclusively in Ginza with the finest beef, our select staff and heartfelt hospitality.

Vest 3 which wants you to eat only this


Shop is assent "meat course that is delicious if we eat anyway" 8,800 yen for all ten articles of royal road lineups including five articles of delicious meat proud of

Drawing card course of our restaurant confidence. It begins all from homemade kimchi and fatty popular tongue excellent at namul, taste and can thoroughly enjoy fins, sirloin, cushion, thigh of A5 Japanese black beef, various "delicious meat".


Taste "tongue fatty tuna" that vaunted tongue overwhelmed in the thickness melts away 4,000 yen


It is sigh 5,000 yen to one dish "hills and rivers Japanese black beef steak" selected carefully (fins) thoroughly enjoying fins

From shop

There are no all in freezing! We are particular about "uncooked meat" which we refrigerated to the most suitable temperature

We are not particular about production center, brand and have meat which was particular only about "we are good" from all over Japan every day. Please appreciate "delicious yakiniku" excellent at the freshness that technique and knowledge to deal with how to cut, uncooked meat including how to grill were shown thoroughly.


Specialized genre: Yakiniku (Roasted Meat)

It was born in 1992 and is from Kanagawa. There was dream to "have own shop" from the first that wanted to be this work and decided when we wanted to be engaged in "yakiniku" which was food to like most. Cook who is straight to meat which strongly sympathized with feelings of the yakiniku hills and rivers when we thought that we are in a position that oneself is donated. We distinguish how to enter line and fat every individual of beef in the same part, and hand cuts uncooked meat and does. Handling of kitchen knife drawing taste of meat which is feelings of shop to the maximum is a word of admirability.

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Yakiniku (Roasted Meat)

Business Hours
From 11:00 to 15:30 (LO: 14:30)
From 17:00 to 23:00 (LO: 22:00)

※We may change the business situation in a hurry. For more details, please refer to store.

Price range
- Dinner


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Reservations Available
From one month ago of reservation day

There is half private room, and reserved correspondence is possible, and non-smoking, takeout are possible, and there is English, Chinese menu, and there are service charge 10%, car seat

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