• Genre Yakiniku (Roasted Meat)
  • Price range Lunch
    - Dinner




When hand of spirited cook costs, the finest material changes more deliciously

It was born in 1992 and is from Kanagawa. There was dream to "have own shop" from the first that wanted to be this work and decided when we wanted to be engaged in "yakiniku" which was food to like most. Cook who is straight to meat which strongly sympathized with feelings of the yakiniku hills and rivers when we thought that oneself stands in provided situation. We distinguish how to enter line and fat every individual of beef in the same part, and hand cuts uncooked meat and does. Handling of kitchen knife drawing taste of meat which is feelings of shop to the maximum is a word of admirability.

  • Specialized genre yakiniku
  • Years of experience three years

Specialty dish

Can enjoy different taste and texture by one piece; ultimate "straight sparerib!"

There is not frozen meat, only as for the uncooked meat. We cut hand every one piece depending on condition of sinew and fat to make the finest sparerib which we chose still more delicious. As angles to put thickness and kitchen knife in are delicately different, even one dish of same meat can enjoy flavor every one piece.

Discerning ingredients

We carry out "uncooked meat" which is not doing freezing at all thoroughly. We provide really delicious meat

We select carefully and stock the best meat of the day from reliable supplier. Besides, frozen meat uses "only uncooked meat" without all. We provide material of ito髙 in "delicious meat" original taste without regretting trouble time of the training and storage by it.