• Price range lunch

    \3,000, dinner \3,000

  • "Lunch course" using plenty of seasonal ingredients from Shinshu

  • "Assortment of Shinshu raw vegetables with miso"

  • "Curmire!"

  • "Seasonal clay pot cooked rice"

  • Please enjoy the clear air of Shinshu and the sake polished in the harsh winter.

  • The limited quantity of "Towari Inaka Soba" is handmade every day in the store.

  • A delicious sake that fosters the climate of Shinshu, "Today's Delicious Sake Three Sets"

  • "Shinshu's unique taste" is born from a dialogue between producers and cooks.

Sake and cooking in harmony in a sophisticated space. Enjoy a high-quality moment while feeling the great nature of Shinshu.

The 99 seats and the large store are fitted with glass and have a sense of openness. You can enjoy a little special gathering in your daily life, including abundant Shinshu local sake, wine, delicious food, and soba noodles.

Two semi-private rooms separated by glass. Facing Chuo-dori, you can also enjoy the unique scenery of Ginza where you can see the Ginza Wako clock tower at 4-chome. (Reservation is only for dinner)

Indulge yourself on house-made"soba"-Japanese buckwheat noodle,our flavorful"takikomi gohan"-seasoned mixed rice,with typical and traditional side dishes prepared with fresh vegetables delivered from a farm in Shinshu region. If you wish to accompany your meal with some drinks,we have a selection of Shinshu wine and sake,too. We are here to provide you with the perfect wine&dine experience.

This is the best three to eat.


"Lunch course" 2,800 yen using plenty of seasonal ingredients from Shinshu.

There are two types of soba noodles, which are made by craftsmen with carefully selected buckwheat flour and are characterized by aroma and comb, and soup with bonito on the special order "Sanada soy sauce" and rich walnuts loved as local cuisine. You can enjoy the seven kinds of appetizers that are vivid to your eyes.

West 2

1,600 yen for "Shinshu-produced vegetables assortment with miso" where you can taste the taste of vegetables.


A delicious sake that fosters the climate of Shinshu, "Today's sake three-piece set" 1,200 yen

From the shop

Modern space with jazz. Please relax in a calm atmosphere.

Two semi-private rooms separated by glass. It is unique to Ginza that faces Chuo-dori and can see the Ginza Wako clock tower at 4-chome. (Reservation is only for dinner)

Basic Information

Floor floor

Japanese Food / Soba Noodles

Business Hours
11:00 - LO: 17:00
17:00-23:00 (LO: 22:00)

※Business conditions are subject to change in a hurry. For more information, please contact the store.

Price range

\3,000, dinner \3,000


Number of seats


Reservations Available
Lunch is only available after 11:00, 11:30 and 14:00.
Dinner (after 17:00) is always available.

There is a private room, no charter, no smoking, English menu, service fee 10% (after 17:00), child seat, vegetarian menu, please consult us.

Facility Services

point program

Parking service

Contact information

telephone number



There is a counter and it can be used as a sake bar.

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