• Price range lunch

    \3,000, dinner \3,000


From the shop

Recommended for entertainment and dinner.

Modern space with jazz. Please relax in a calm atmosphere.

Two semi-private rooms separated by glass. It is unique to Ginza that faces Chuo-dori and can see the Ginza Wako clock tower at 4-chome. (Reservation is only for dinner)

Focusing on ingredients

"Shinshu's unique taste" is born from a dialogue between producers and cooks.

We are particular about local ingredients such as pesticide-free vegetables sent directly from contract farmers, local sake purchased from selected sake breweries, red wine, and Shinshu Wagyu. In addition to ingredients, seasonings such as soy sauce and miso are ordered from Shinshu, and the appeal is fully conveyed.

a stylish atmosphere

Exciting time in a city where you can feel in a sophisticated space

Jazz flows in a calm store based on black, so you can relax. The large window with glass has a sense of openness, and you can enjoy a meal while watching the scenery of Ginza, which shows a different expression between day and night.

It can handle various scenes.

A large store that can be used anywhere.

A total of 99 seats and a large store, such as a counter seat where you can spend a relaxing time without hesitation, and a semi-private room with glass, can be used in various scenes.

Focusing on tableware and interiors

The charm of Shinshu that can be felt by the vessel

In addition to the ingredients, we actively incorporate what Shinshu writers work on. Eat, drink, see and touch. Please enjoy the goodness of Shinshu.