• Price range lunch

    \3,000, dinner \3,000


This is the best three to eat.


"Lunch course" 2,800 yen using plenty of seasonal ingredients from Shinshu.

There are two types of soba noodles, which are made by craftsmen with carefully selected buckwheat flour and are characterized by aroma and comb, and soup with bonito on the special order "Sanada soy sauce" and rich walnuts loved as local cuisine. You can enjoy the seven kinds of appetizers that are vivid to your eyes.

West 2

1,600 yen for "Shinshu-produced vegetables assortment with miso" where you can taste the taste of vegetables.

It is a combination of fresh seasonal vegetables sent directly from contracted farmers in Shinshu Ueda and two types of Shinshu miso (Okan miso and soba miso). You can enjoy the original powerful umami of vegetables grown with great care from soil making.


A delicious sake that fosters the climate of Shinshu, "Today's sake three-piece set" 1,200 yen

All Sanada sake is local sake from Nagano Prefecture. We always have more than 12 kinds of spring water polished over many years and really delicious sake grown by nature. Why don't you find one of your favorite ones with a three-point set of good sake?