• Price range lunch

    \8,000, dinner \10,000

  • The lively abalone flavor sent directly from Toyosu every morning is irresistible.

  • The rich flavor of the beach hits the iron plate.

  • The carefully selected A5 rank Japanese beef is baked with "selected Japanese black beef sirloin steak".

  • The original menu "Yakiuni" produced by the president after trial and error

  • Consideration that people who like alcohol and those who are not good at it can comfortably and half.

  • Weekday lunch limited "Dessert Buffet" where you can enjoy various sweets

  • Because I'm a top-class adult, I'll treat you with a good dinner.

  • You can relax on the sofa, and see the iron plate from the counter.

  • A stylish entrance with the motif of "10"

  • Aiming to be a store that is healthy but not noisy, and is stylish and unwilling to notice.

  • First-class hospitality by top-class staff

  • Maena

  • Abalone teppanyaki

  • a specialty

  • Dedicated dish (rice)

  • dessert

  • Elegant meal with a special time for two people

  • Sommelier carefully purchases the best wines from all over the world

"A5" rank Japanese black beef and other fine iron plate grills along with high-quality wine

Instead of just baking, you can bake it in front of the customer with a splendid teko judgment. The staff will be the entertainer and enjoy the counter and the audience. Seafood is fresh from Tsukiji every day, and meat is purchased from Ginza stores.

A dish that incorporates Japan's unique four seasons and Japanese elements into each dish. This shop is a symbol of GINZA SIX.

We don’t simply fry our ingredients. An expert chef prepares meals right in front of customers using an elegant spatula technique. Our staff serve as entertainers, bringing delight to customers at the counter and in regular seating. Our seafood is shipped directly from Tsukiji each day to ensure freshness, and we source select cuts of Japanese beef from a specialty shop in Ginza.

Each dish incorporates elements that reflect Japan’s four distinct seasons and a sense of wa (meaning “harmony” or “Japan”). In time, we expect this store to become an established symbol of GINZA SIX.

This is the best three to eat.


"Abalone Teppanyaki" 3,500 yen, which has a lively abalone taste sent directly from Toyosu every morning.

This is the real pleasure of teppanyaki. Lively abalone baked in front of you while you are alive is a masterpiece that can only be made fresh. Please enjoy the lively abalone sent directly from Toyosu every morning at the counter seat.

West 2

"Ice shrimp iron plate grill" where the rich flavor of the beach hits with iron plate 4,800 yen


The carefully selected A5 rank Japanese beef is baked with "selected Japanese black beef sirloin steak" 100g 4,000 yen.

From the shop

Because I'm a top-class adult, I'll treat you with a good dinner.

It supports the hospitality of important customers so that they are lively but do not hinder conversation. Let's make a successful business negotiation while tasting the stylish store and luxurious dishes.

Chef: Atsushi Tazaki

Professional genre: Teppanyaki

Born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1980. Watching a TV chef confrontation program, I admire the chef's work and go to the cooking path. He has trained at a number of shops to improve his skills. Currently, I am studying as a manager and chef of [TEPANYAKI 10 GINZA]. It is important to value each customer, such as changing the timing of providing services and dishes according to their respective situations.

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Business Hours
11:00-15:30 (LO: 14:30)
17:00-23:00 (LO: 21:00)

※Business conditions are subject to change in a hurry. For more information, please contact the store.

Price range

\8,000, dinner \10,000


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Available for charter, non-smoking, English / Chinese menu, vegetarian menu, no service fee.

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