• Price range Lunch

    ¥8,000 yen, dinner 10,000



Atsushi Tasaki

As manager, we push on for the making of atmosphere that customer is comfortable

1980, Kumamoto birth. On seeing cook confrontation program of TV, hold admiration for job of cook, to way of dishes. We acquire study in many shops and improve our skill. Now as manager of [TEPPANYAKI 10 GINZA] and cook days of study. We change timing to provide service and dishes by situation of each customer and regard that we take good care of each customer as important.

  • Specialized genre grilling foods on an iron plate
  • Years of experience 20 years


By the way, it is delicate and devises all menus of dessert boldly at time

French native place. We supervise all the dessert of shop to appear after guests enjoyed meal. Above all, as for lunchtime-limited fun, "the desert buffet", gorgeous arrangement is very popular. We give fine person trouble to various techniques that we learned abroad and build up work only by him. [TEPPANYAKI 10 GINZA] His effort to make an elaborate plans as patissier of this every day makes smile of many guests and gives birth to impression to be able to taste only here.

  • Specialized genre Western confectionery

Specialty dish

"Grilled kiuni" exquisite harmony of egg and "uni"

While the president repeated failure at the dawn of company, we arrived at the present form. When we burn "uni" and match with other ingredients, state at the time is talked about in one's own book "restaurant succeeding in Tokyo".

Discerning ingredients

Japanese black beef of "A5" with sweetness that is refined to fatty meat rank

We select carefully mainly without compromising only with really good meat from Miyazaki. As we have, we eat, and part, please compete with sirloin, fins, chateaubriand, too.

  • Overall discerning ingredients beef