• Price range Lunch

    ¥8,000 yen, dinner 10,000


From shop

It is recommended to reception, the dinner

Is first-class dinner simply because is first-class adult; hospitality

He/she supports hospitality of important customer not to disturb conversation while there is vigor. We will let business talk succeed while smacking the lips over stylish the shop and deluxe dishes.

It is recommended to date

At time when two are special by elegant meal color

Atmosphere that merged Bar with restaurant is most suitable for the making of memory with beloved person. Hue of lighting does not bore change, relaxing two people by time, too. Dazzling grilling foods on an iron plate world creates really happy time.

It is recommended to the wedding ceremony second party, party

Relax in sofa, and do, and can see iron plate from counter; and Naoyoshi

Comfortable space that arranged seat of sofa type around is popular among party and banquets. As is available to up to 100 people, and reservations are possible, too; the details toward the shop consultation.

We are particular about wine

We select carefully, and sommelier stocks the finest wine from the world

Big wine cellar is in shop and has wine of all the countries of the world always ready 100 kinds or more. Including KENZO ESTATE, the finest wine arrives from excellent winery. Let's thoroughly enjoy mariaju which dishes and wine hot from the oven weave.

There is all-you-can-drink

Consideration that can halve person weak in with person liking liquor comfortably

From beer to wine, soft drinks, all drinks appearing in grand menu are served without limit. He/she suggests for each contents of dishes to use casually in group. There is plan with with bottle and toast liquor, too.

Atmosphere of dishes, shop

  • Stylish entrance with "10" as motif

  • "Desert buffet" lunch-limited on weekdays to be able to enjoy various sweets

  • First-class hospitality by the first-class staff