• Genre Teppanyaki
  • Price range Lunch

    ¥8,000 yen, dinner 10,000


Vest 3 which wants you to eat only this


"Grilled abalone" that it gives life, and taste of abalone is unbearable shipped directly every morning from Toyosu 3,500 yen

As for this, it is the powerful charm of grilling foods on an iron plate. Roast is entertainment of the best part which it gives life, and it is possible for simply because abalone is virginity to play in front with giving life. Is shipped directly every morning from Toyosu; give life, and please enjoy abalone at counter seat.


"Grilled lobster" that flavor of rich beach is over on iron plate 4,800 yen

Freshness of Ise lobster that professional selected carefully is clear at a glance if we look at water tank of store. We take out thing which it gives life to after order is placed and cook on the spot. State to jump around of Ise lobster to see from counter is a part of the performance.


It is 100 g of "carefully selected Japanese black beef surloin steak" 4,000 yen at doneness that is outstanding with Japanese beef of A5 rank that selected carefully

We provide Japanese beef which selected carefully at splendid handling of lever and outstanding doneness. We eat, and of course it is fun, and delicious one can thoroughly enjoy the powerful charm of grilling foods on an iron plate to get well well.