• Price range Lunch

    ¥2,500 yen, dinner 2,000

  • <reservation required> "Specialty" to be able to enjoy full-scale taste of India

  • With favorite hotness taste of crab the enjoyment "butter masala (four) of crab"

  • "Tamarind meals" to be able to enjoy various cooking

  • Hotness can be adjusted by five phases. We are okay with and child weak in hot one

  • Luxurious tandoor dishes assortment "tandoor mixture" 

  • Standard snack "panipuri" (two) of Indian stand

  • Nicotine "katchibiriyanimatonhaiderabado style" (south India) which is at the last of flavor specialty of high Hyderabad

  • Stylish space that had oriental sao and modernity

  • Location where is immediate from station which can drop in aimlessly

  • We are glad that we can taste north India and south India, both dishes!

  • chizudosa

  • Shrimp butter masala

Stylish space full of exoticism.
Indian chef is eating a food with great relish to authentic Indian dishes to cook

Tamarind provides various menus of the north and south at valuable price as store specializing in Indian dishes.

With people and family who make atmosphere that is easy to get close to for anyone while the shop feels foreign country, and are close direct time of meal happily.

We are pursuing a new level in ethnic cuisine enjoyment and developing enthusiatically satisfied customers all of the time.

We believe a fine food makes your life better.

Vest 3 which wants you to eat only this


"Butter masala (four) of crab" that curry fully draws sweetness of crab with the wonder of spice errand 1,800 yen

Novel one article that added nail of crab to authentic Indian curry. It is menu only in few Japan in India. As for the curry enthusiast, crab enthusiast is heart tickled popular menu, too.


One dish "tamarind meals" of the chef whole body that all the thought of shop was put 2,650 yen


Luxurious tandoor dishes assortment "tandoor mixture" M (3-4 portions) 2,980 yen

From shop

Indian dishes with full of the volume to be able to become lively in whole family

It is near to station and is recommended to meal when we went out in families. As it is consecutive business, we can drop in casually anytime. As offer of dishes is speedy, child does not get tired, both mom and daddy are great help.

Cook/Danish Kumar

Specialized genre: Indian Cuisine

1976, birth in India. Want to introduce delicious Indian dishes into the world; and to cook. We acquire study in home India and visit Japan. Acquire experience in 5 star Hotel or [mandala], to [Tamarind]. We devise novel new menu only in [Tamarind] while reproducing authentic taste faithfully.

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Indian Cuisine

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11:00 - LO: * Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are LO: at 15:30 17:00
From 15:30 to 23:00 (LO: 22:00) * Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 17:00 -

※We may change the business situation in a hurry. For more details, please refer to store.

Price range

¥2,500 yen, dinner 2,000


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Reserved correspondence is possible, and non-smoking, takeout are possible, and there is English, Chinese menu, and there is no service charge

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