• Price range lunch

    \2,500, dinner \2,000

  • <reservation required> "Special course" where you can enjoy authentic Indian taste

  • Enjoy the taste of crab with your favorite spicy taste "Crab Butter Masara (4 bottles)"

  • "Tamarind Mills" where you can enjoy a variety of dishes

  • The dryness can be adjusted in five stages. It's OK for those who don't like spicy food or children.

  • "Tandol Mix" assortment of luxurious tandol dishes 

  • The standard snack of Indian food stalls "Panipri (2 pieces)"

  • Briyani, a specialty of high-scented hyderabad, "Catch Biliyanimatonheiderabard (South India)"

  • A stylish space that combines modernity and orientality.

  • The location right from the station where you can stop by casually

  • I'm glad you can taste both North India and South India!

  • cheesedosa

  • shrimp buttermasala

Stylish space full of exotic atmosphere.
A real Indian dish made by an Indian chef

Tamarind offers a variety of menus from north to south at a valuable price as an Indian specialty store.

The inside of the store creates a friendly atmosphere for everyone, while feeling a foreign country, and creates a fun meal time with close people and families.

We are pursuing a new level in ethnic cuisine enjoyment and developing enthusiatically satisfied customers all of the time.

We believe a fine food makes your life better.

This is the best three to eat.


"Crab Butter Masara (4 bottles)", which uses spices and the curry fully brings out the sweetness of crabs, is 1,800 yen.

A novel dish with authentic Indian curry and crab thrush added. This menu is unique to Japan, not found in India. Popular menu for curry and crab.

West 2

One dish of the chef's whole dish "Tamarind Mills" with all the thoughts of the shop is 2,650 yen


Assortment of luxurious tandol dishes "Tandol mix" M (for 3 to 4 people) 2,980 yen

From the shop

A voluminous Indian dish that can be enjoyed by the whole family

Recommended for meals when you go out with your family near the station. Because it is open through, you can drop in at any time. Since the provision of food is speedy, children are not tired, and moms and dads are very helpful.

Chef / Danish bear

Professional genre: Indian Cuisine

Born in India in 1976. For chef to convey delicious Indian food to the world. He studied in India and came to Japan. 5 Experience with Star Hotel and Mandala and go to [Tamarind]. While faithfully reproducing the authentic taste, he has also devised a novel new menu unique to [Tamarind].

Basic Information

Floor floor

Indian Cuisine

Business Hours
11:00 - LO: 15:30 * Saturdays, Sundays and holidays LO: 17:00
15:30-23:00 (LO: 22:00) * Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 17:00-

※Business conditions are subject to change in a hurry. For more information, please contact the store.

Price range

\2,500, dinner \2,000


Number of seats


Available for charter, non-smoking, take-out, English / Chinese menu, no service fee.

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