• Genre Indian Cuisine
  • Price range Lunch

    ¥2,500 yen, dinner 2,000



Danish Kumar

We devise while following tradition of Indian dishes to suit to Japanese's taste

1976, birth in India. Want to introduce delicious Indian dishes into the world; and to cook. We acquire study in home India and visit Japan. Acquire experience in 5 star Hotel or [mandala], to [Tamarind]. We devise novel new menu only in [Tamarind] while reproducing authentic taste faithfully.

  • Specialized genre India dishes
  • Years of experience 21 years

Specialty dish

Specialty dish "chicken butter masala" of stable taste

Curry of tomato-based gray Vee and chicken. Please order bitterness to the staff in one which five phases can regulate of normal, shoshin, hot, very hot red pepper, asskicking hot. It is moderately hot - hot equivalency of Japanese curry at normal.

Discerning ingredients

Curry using Indian spice and authentic naan

Including curry, we send spicy Indian dishes using genuine spice including naan and tandoori chicken. Please enjoy one article only in Japan which adjusted crab pick to curry.