• Price range lunch

    \2,500, dinner \2,000



Danish bear

While keeping the tradition of Indian cuisine, try to match the Japanese's taste.

Born in India in 1976. For chef to convey delicious Indian food to the world. He studied in India and came to Japan. 5 Experience with Star Hotel and Mandala and go to [Tamarind]. While faithfully reproducing the authentic taste, he has also devised a novel new menu unique to [Tamarind].

  • Specialized genre Indian cooking
  • 21 years of experience

a proud dish

Chicken Butter Massara, a dish that boasts a stable taste.

Curry of tomato-based grey vio and chicken. The spiciness can be adjusted in five stages: normal, small, spicy, large, and spicy, so please tell the staff. It is usually equivalent to medium-spicy to dry Japanese curry.

Special ingredients

Curry using Indian spices and authentic Nan

We will deliver spicy Indian dishes using authentic spices such as curry, Nan and tandoori chicken. Enjoy the unique Japanese dish of curry and crab snails.