• Price range lunch

    \2,500, dinner \2,000


From the shop

Recommended for families

A voluminous Indian dish that can be enjoyed by the whole family

Recommended for meals when you go out with your family near the station. Because it is open through, you can drop in at any time. Since the provision of food is speedy, children are not tired, and moms and dads are very helpful.

Recommended for moms and children

The dryness can be adjusted in five stages. It's OK for those who don't like spicy food or children.

A shop with a kids menu that is easy to use even for families with small children. Some menus can be less spicy and are popular with those who are not good at spicy and children.

Authentication overseas

I'm glad you can taste both North India and South India!

The chefs who come to Japan from India make each dish carefully. In addition to curry, there are plenty of dishes such as "Tandrei Chikin", so you can fully enjoy the Indian feeling while staying in Japan.

It's easy to enter alone.

The location right from the station where you can stop by casually

With a calm and bright atmosphere, the entrance is wide and you can easily use it alone. It is also nice to have a course for one person. It is convenient to walk 3 minutes from Ginza Station, so you can drop in casually when you are worried.

Focusing on tableware and interiors

A stylish space that combines modernity and orientality.

A stylish shop full of exotic atmosphere. In a mood that makes you forget your daily life, you can enjoy Indian cuisine while relaxing at the sofa seat, and your daily fatigue will be healed.