• Price range lunch

    \2,500, dinner \2,000


This is the best three to eat.


"Crab Butter Masara (4 bottles)", which uses spices and the curry fully brings out the sweetness of crabs, is 1,800 yen.

A novel dish with authentic Indian curry and crab thrush added. This menu is unique to Japan, not found in India. Popular menu for curry and crab.

West 2

One dish of the chef's whole dish "Tamarind Mills" with all the thoughts of the shop is 2,650 yen

[Tomarind] A dish full of all of the chefs. Chicken curry, maton curry, shrimp curry, sunbar, rassam, bath tea rice, poory, daddy, Iduri, Wada, pickles.


Assortment of luxurious tandol dishes "Tandol mix" M (for 3 to 4 people) 2,980 yen

It is a menu that is very satisfying, including standard tandol chicken made by baking chicken pickled in yogurt and spices in tandol, carmikabab, secret kabab, fishtica, katteji cheese and vegetable skewers.