• Genre Indian Cuisine
  • Price range Lunch

    ¥2,500 yen, dinner 2,000


Vest 3 which wants you to eat only this


"Butter masala (four) of crab" that curry fully draws sweetness of crab with the wonder of spice errand 1,600 yen

Novel one article that added nail of crab to authentic Indian curry. It is menu only in few Japan in India. As for the curry enthusiast, crab enthusiast is heart tickled popular menu, too.


One dish "tamarind meals" of the chef whole body that all the thought of shop was put 2,200 yen

[Tamarind] One dish of the chef whole body clogged up with all of this. It is varied with chicken curry, mutton curry, prawns curry, sambal, rassamu, Basma tea rice, poori, papado, iduri, wada, pickles.


Luxurious tandoor dishes assortment "tandoor mixture" M (3-4 portions) 2,800 yen

Including constant seller tandoor chicken which grilled chicken which we pickled in yoghurt and spice in tandoor, it is menu of satisfaction with Cal Micah vav, kebab, fisshutikka, cottage cheese and grilled skewer of vegetables to seek very much.