We provide dishes of traditional style without chasing the fashion without dishes, interior being kept in concept with orthodox school western dishes of bistro dishes & Japan following in Paris more than 100 years together in the times. Please enjoy fresh ingredients arriving from various parts of Japan let alone France with simple large-boned dishes which also kept taste of material alive straight and wine which you selected from various parts of France.

We provide the French field and traditional bistro dishes without time difference and large-boned dishes which and kept taste, appearance of material alive straight simple with Japanese orthodox school western dishes from 4,800 yen (tax-excluded) from 2,800 yen (tax-excluded) in Prefix-style in dinnertime at lunchtime. Besides, full-course meal of entrusting you provides chef who took in French high-quality ingredients and seasonal foods abundantly for 9,800 yen (tax-excluded).

Merging the bistro cuisine that has thrived for more than a century in Paris and Japan’s customary take on Western cuisine, we offer traditional meals not bound to any particular era or trend—an attitude also reflected in the design choices we’ve made for our interior. We invite you to partake in big-boned dishes based on the freshest ingredients from France and from around Japan, prepared in simple, straightforward fashion to emphasize the flavors of the ingredients. We also offer a selection of wines from each wine-growing region of France.

We offer the same traditional big-boned bistro cuisine now served in local bistros in France, but combined with Japan’s customary take on Western cuisine. Our meals are prepared in simple, straightforward fashion to emphasize the flavors and appearance of the ingredients. We serve courses in prix fixe style. Prices start at 2,800 yen for lunch and 4,800 yen for dinner. A chef’s full course, incorporating luxurious French food and abundant seasonal ingredients, is also available for 9,800 yen. (All prices exclude tax.)

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Restaurant cafe bar French

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From 11:00 to 23:00
(lunch LO: 15:00 dinner LO: 21:30)

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- , dinner

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We accept reservations for private events. Please note that smoking is not permitted. Please inquire regarding takeout options.

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