• Price range lunch
    - dinner
  • The store's synonym "Yamagata beef 100% special juicy hamburger" is an unforgettable taste

  • As long as you like what you want to eat like Vistro in Paris, "Charcuit and Country Pork Patte"

  • "Japanese beef joho meat red wine and straw boiled" that can be relaxed in the mouth

  • "Today's fresh fish carpaccio lime with ecum caviar"

  • Celebration with the finest French and message plate

  • Enjoy the French mood with French traditional bistro dishes and wine.

  • Dining full of mood like bistro on the street corner of Paris

  • Feel free to enjoy French on dates and dinners with friends.

  • A shelf with a variety of wines in the center of French wines

  • It looks like a bistro in the city of France.

  • French made from the highest quality ingredients ordered from Japan and abroad

  • Cuisine that makes use of the seasonal blessings of the chef's craftsmanship.

  • About 200 kinds of bottles, mainly French wine!

  • Bench sheet to sit comfortably

  • Check the blackboard with recommended wines and dishes.

  • Stylish interior to enjoy French feeling

  • A shop where Japanese people can enjoy French cuisine in a friendly way.

  • Hospitality with dishes and services tailored to the customer's TPO

For dating and girls' party!
Fashionable bistro space where you can enjoy a casual French taste.

Based on the concept of bistro cuisine and Japanese orthodox Western food that has been in Paris for more than 100 years, we offer traditional style dishes regardless of the times, regardless of the fashion. Enjoy fresh ingredients from France as well as from all over Japan with simple and straight dishes that make use of the taste of the ingredients, and wines selected from all over France.

Traditional bistro dishes that do not have time difference from French locals, and simple and straight Japanese orthodox Western dishes that make use of the taste and appearance of the ingredients in a prefix style, lunch time from 2,800 yen (excluding tax), dinner time Is provided from 4800 yen (excluding tax). In addition, a full course of chef Omakase, which uses plenty of French high-quality ingredients and seasonal ingredients, will be offered for 9,800 yen (excluding tax).

Merging the bistro cuisine that has thrived for more than a century in Paris and Japan’s customary take on Western cuisine, we offer traditional meals not bound to any particular era or trend—an attitude also reflected in the design choices we’ve made for our interior. We invite you to partake in big-boned dishes based on the freshest ingredients from France and from around Japan, prepared in simple, straightforward fashion to emphasize the flavors of the ingredients. We also offer a selection of wines from each wine-growing region of France.

We offer the same traditional big-boned bistro cuisine now served in local bistros in France, but combined with Japan’s customary take on Western cuisine. Our meals are prepared in simple, straightforward fashion to emphasize the flavors and appearance of the ingredients. We serve courses in prix fixe style. Prices start at 2,800 yen for lunch and 4,800 yen for dinner. A chef’s full course, incorporating luxurious French food and abundant seasonal ingredients, is also available for 9,800 yen. (All prices exclude tax.)

This is the best three to eat.


The store's synonym “Yamagata beef 100% special juicy hamburger” is an unforgettable taste of 2,580 yen.

A gem made by combining coarse minced meat and fine minced meat with plenty of gravy. Enjoy the acidity and complex taste with Fond Vo and Sherry Vinegar, and the sweet and sour Agleduce sauce with sweetness and richness added with Pedro Himenes.

West 2

As much as you like, what you want to eat like Vistro in Paris is "Charcuit and Country Pork Patte" 800 yen per person (Please order for the number of people)


With the refreshing lime foam that smells softly, "Today's fresh fish carpacho lime with ecum caviar" 1,650 yen

From the shop

French made from the highest quality ingredients ordered from Japan and abroad

Seasonal ingredients are delivered from Europe every season. The seafood is carefully selected and purchased from Toyosu. You can enjoy the perfect ingredients for that season with classic bistro dishes.

Chef Tomoya Fujikawa

Professional genre: Wines

Born in 1975, from Chiba Prefecture. Since 2005, he has been a store manager at Brasley Ozami, Vannus, Ozami Devan Head Office, etc., and has refined his wine selection skills to enhance the taste of cooking. Currently, "Senior Sommelier" certified by the Japan Sommelier Association (JSA). In his current position since 2018. He says with a warm smile that it is the greatest pleasure to receive wine requests and consultations from customers. I want to leave the encounter with wine unique to this store.

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Available for charter, non-smoking, English menu, no service charge.

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