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Tomoya Fujikawa

Hospitality with delicious wine that I have never met before

Born in 1975, from Chiba Prefecture. Since 2005, he has been a store manager at Brasley Ozami, Vannus, Ozami Devan Head Office, etc., and has refined his wine selection skills to enhance the taste of cooking. Currently, "Senior Sommelier" certified by the Japan Sommelier Association (JSA). In his current position since 2018. He says with a warm smile that it is the greatest pleasure to receive wine requests and consultations from customers. I want to leave the encounter with wine unique to this store.

  • specialized genre wine
  • 14 years of experience

Ueda Ryohei

Make the most of the seasonal ingredients and deliver the season on a plate.

Born in 1985, from Osaka Prefecture. After graduating from Tsuji Culinary College in Osaka, worked at Hiramatsu Co., Ltd., trained at a restaurant in Osaka, and joined Ozami World Co., Ltd. in 2012. After gaining experience at the Paris Wine Canteen in Higashi Ginza, he became the chef of Bistro Ozami in 2018 and continues to this day. A technique that pursues the best of French cuisine and has studied cooking methods that make seasonal ingredients the most delicious.

  • Special genre French cuisine
  • 14 years of experience

a proud dish

"Yamagata beef 100% special juicy hamburger" with rich flavor of meat

Because it is luxuriously baked with Yamagata beef alone, it is particular about the composition of meat and the towels. Please use a slightly sweet and sour sauce called Agleduce, which is finished so as not to disturb the flavor and texture of the meat.

Special ingredients

"Yamagata beef" was carefully raised over 30 months.

We use Yamagata beef, which has a good proportion of lean and fat, such as hamburger minced meat and A5 rank thigh used for steak. It's the finest meat that doesn't become too fat and you can enjoy the taste of lean.

  • Cattle and beef in general