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From the shop

Focusing on ingredients

French made from the highest quality ingredients ordered from Japan and abroad

Seasonal ingredients are delivered from Europe every season. The seafood is carefully selected and purchased from Toyosu. You can enjoy the perfect ingredients for that season with classic bistro dishes.

Focusing on tableware and interiors

The feeling of being on the street corner of Paris is one of the tastes of the shop.

The bright and vibrant store is a warm space that does not make you feel the height of the threshold. The table is full of smiles and conversations, along with delicious dishes and selected wines. I understand that there are many repeaters who go busy.

I'm particular about wine.

About 200 kinds of bottles, mainly French wine!

From natural wine to classical wine, the theme is "Delicious wine you drink now". Glass wine is also available in 2 kinds of foam, 5 kinds of white and 5 kinds of red. There are plenty of drinks after meals.

Focusing on seasonal ingredients

Cuisine that makes use of the seasonal blessings of the chef's craftsmanship.

The concept is "Enjoy seasonal flavors in spring, summer, autumn and winter." Potage soup and popular carpaccio, which make use of fresh ingredients that arrive almost every day, are finished with vinegrass using fruits from that time.

There are anniversary and birthday benefits.

Celebration with the finest French and message plates

When using on the anniversary, tell them at the time of booking and prepare a message plate with your favorite message with a chocolate pen for dessert. How about a surprise to an important person?

Authentication overseas

Enjoy the French mood with French traditional bistro dishes and wine.

The course is lined with seasonal European ingredients such as French lambs and white asparagus. Let's enjoy French cuisine with one hand of wine, without stiff shoulders.

The atmosphere of cooking and shops

  • It looks like a bistro in the city of France.

  • Feel free to enjoy French on dates and dinners with friends.

  • Bench sheet to sit comfortably

  • Check the blackboard with recommended wines and dishes.

  • A shelf with a variety of wines in the center of French wines

  • Stylish interior to enjoy French feeling