• Price range lunch
    - dinner

This is the best three to eat.


The store's synonym “Yamagata beef 100% special juicy hamburger” is an unforgettable taste of 2,580 yen.

A gem made by combining coarse minced meat and fine minced meat with plenty of gravy. Enjoy the acidity and complex taste with Fond Vo and Sherry Vinegar, and the sweet and sour Agleduce sauce with sweetness and richness added with Pedro Himenes.

West 2

As much as you like, what you want to eat like Vistro in Paris is "Charcuit and Country Pork Patte" 800 yen per person (Please order for the number of people)

A fun one-plate that uses several types of pork parts to enjoy various texture differences. Like the bistro in Paris, you can enjoy choosing as much as you like while watching the real thing with one hand of wine.


With the refreshing lime foam that smells softly, "Today's fresh fish carpacho lime with ecum caviar" 1,650 yen

A colorful dish featuring the fresh fish of the day purchased from Toyosu, the fresh scent of lime (foam sauce) and the texture of caviar. It's a menu where you can choose the best wine.