From the shop

I recommend it on a date.

The rarest and rare coffee is a casual chic space.

Starbucks Reserve Bar, where you can enjoy the most rare and rare coffee, is perfect for dating. You can choose your favorite coffee beans from Starbucks Reserve® and enjoy handcraft lodges.

a stylish atmosphere

The Starbucks Reserve® Barr, which has fun conversations with Varista,

Why don't you discover the wonderful charm of the coffee world together? You can enjoy unusual charm with various extraction methods. A special time suitable for Ginza's special space is waiting.

Features directing and services

Experience special coffee selections, menus and services

You can enjoy menus that can only be ordered at limited stores with Starbucks Reserve® bars with specialty coffee extraction equipment, special cups and glasses. With a favorite book while watching the technique of barista.

Focusing on ingredients

[Starbass Reserve® Loss Tally Tokyo] experience

[Starbass Reserve® Loss Tally Tokyo] You can also experience the bargain. The photo shows the popular "Ameno Concrerema", which has a warm Americano and a subtle orange scent.