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It is recommended to date

In chic space casual with coffee which is the rarest, and is rare

Starbucks reservation bar which coffee which is the rarest, and is rare can enjoy is good to date. We choose favorite coffee beans of Starbucks reservation ® and can enjoy beverage of handcraft.

Stylish atmosphere

Starbucks reservation ® bar that conversation with barista is fun

Do you not discover splendid charm that the world of coffee is filled with together? You can enjoy rare charm by various extracting methods. Special time appropriate for discerning space of Ginza is waiting.

Direction, service is characteristic

Let's experience special coffee selection, menu, service

We can enjoy menu which we can order only at limited store attached to Starbucks reservation ® bar by cup and glass for exclusive use of discerning coffee extraction appliance shop. With book favorite by the skill of barista in spite of being view.

We are particular about ingredients

[Starbucks reservation ® roaster Lee Tokyo] We experience this

[Starbucks reservation ® roaster Lee Tokyo] We can experience beverage of this, too. Photograph is popular "amerikanokonkurema" where orange is fragrant to hot Americano faintly.