Grill & Pabza Nicks

  • Price range lunch
    \1,500, dinner \11,000

  • "The NICK VILLAGE" assorted meat

  • "Premium roast beef" is moist and soft.

  • Extremely delicious part close to boned meat. "Tomahok Steak" I want to wear wildly.

  • Special beer and "Homemade Sausage"

  • "Mature meat" has become more delicious by flying excess water.

  • Japan uses the best cooking method to select meat from all over the world.

  • A wide range of whiskeys

  • Next to the entrance, delicious meat and sausage are waiting for a turn.

  • A stylish store with an authentic pub atmosphere

  • A luxurious floor with a 50-person standing party.

  • A calm appearance following the traditional pub atmosphere

Special meat dishes and delicious sake!
A stylish pub with an authentic atmosphere

[The meat is delicious pub]
Meat dishes that focus on homemade and hand-made, and delicious beer pubs. The specialty is sausage, meat razana, and a mature beef steak baked with mass meat. You can enjoy freshly baked meat dishes with selected beer and luxurious and original cocktails.

The specialty is sausage, meat razana, and a variety of Grilledish. And a rare CBOT aurora beef ripened beef steak to be baked with mass meat. Beer is rich in brewers from around the world, which are selected by the attention of quality, in addition to barrel beer. In addition, there are many kinds of cocktails that can be provided because they are pubs. Above all, more than 10 kinds of original "Jintonic" are originals that can only be experienced at "The NICK STOCK".

[The pub with delicious meat-based fare]
Grill & Pub The Nick Stock offers meat dishes that focus on home-made, hand-prepared cooking, together with great tasting beer. Popular choices include sausages, meat lasagna, and aged beef steaks grilled in large chunks. Diners can enjoy freshly cooked meat dishes together with selected beers and creative craft cocktails.

Popular choices include sausages, meat lasagna, and a wide range of grilled dishes. Rare aged Chicago Aurora beef steaks grilled in large chunks are another favorite. In addition to our commitment to quality and draft beer from the barrel, we maintain an extensive range of beers from around the world, selected by connoisseurs. As a pub, we also take great pride in our vast array of cocktails, including more than ten variations of original gin tonic cocktails available only at The Nick Stock.

This is the best three to eat.


"Premium roast beef" 1,980 yen realizes a moist and soft texture with exquisite burning.

Bake 2kg of aged meat at low temperature and plump juicy, and cut it thick to the table. Good with a special wine sauce that is perfect for meat made by slowly boiling port wine and onion.

West 2

Extremely delicious part close to boned meat. "Tomahok Steak" I want to wear wildly from 1g to 11 yen


With a special beer. Gold combination "Homemade Sausage" 400 yen per bottle

From the shop

SNS cocktails and gorgeous dishes that stimulate your maiden mind

You can also have a standing party in a stylish and open shop. There is also an all-you-can-drink plan which is perfect for various parties. Photogenic cocktails make the party gorgeous.

chef Takumasa Yamashita

Professional genre: Western food in general

Born in 1992, from Shizuoka Prefecture. I like cooking and go to the world of eating and drinking. I learned the pleasure and depth of cooking from the chef I met at the store where I worked before, and I was absorbed in cooking. If you don't meet that person, you have a straight feeling that you didn't have it now. Even now, the days of study are continuing at [Grill & PUB The NICK STOCK].

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Floor floor

Global Pub

Business Hours
11: 00-16: 00 (LO 15: 30)
16:00-23:00 (LO 22:30)

※Business conditions are subject to change in a hurry. For more information, please contact the store.

Price range
\1,500, dinner \11,000


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Available for charter, non-smoking, bar available, no service charge

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