GINZA GRAND Premium Food Hall

"Ginza dining hall" where "meal" of Japan "culture" "entertainment" gathers in a hall in space only in town "Ginza" where modernity fuses with vigor of people gathering from all over the world and good old appearance.

In coliseum of 330 tsubos, seven selected popular stores such as sushi, eel, tempura, sukiyaki, beef shabu-shabu, regional chicken dishes, Kobe beef steak, Hokkaido seafood, original Chinese food do "noren street" and fruit shop "Futaba fruit parlor" and collaboration to link the eaves and add to parfait and french toast, light meal which we used seasonal fruit for abundantly, and all 10 stores such as tea salon "LUVOND TEA SALON" which provides every "tea" of the world's best level that tea Meister representing Japan "Ginza modishness terrace" which can enjoy set meal, bowl, low dining table, snacks, dessert of each shop with style you like on long shot terrace of approximately 40m to face the shop cozy slowly and town of Ginza "Futaba fruit parlor Ginza Main Store" which fruit cocktail and fruit shochu offer selected are prepared.

In addition, at terrace seat of 40m to overlook town of dining zone and Ginza in store, you can enjoy a la carte menu and sweets of each popular store, too.

Ginza is known for a vibrancy that attracts visitors from around the world and as a town that fuses the best of the old with modern elements. As a distinctly Ginza-like space, the Ginza Grand Premium Food Hall incorporates Japanese food, culture, and entertainment, all under one roof.

Measuring about 1,090 square meters, the hall houses ten premium stores: a line of seven stores from around Japan specializing in one or more of sushi, eel, tempura, sukiyaki, beef shabu-shabu, yakitori, Kobe beef steak, Hokkaido seafood, and Chinese cuisine, all served counter style; a luxurious Spanish seafood bar serving high-profile “creative cuisine” designed by creative chef Chikara Yamada that incorporates the style of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony; a restaurant serving new-wave Western cuisine that draws on the sensibilities of Japanese cuisine as interpreted by Kunio Tokuoka, Kyoto-based chef and star of the Japanese culinary world; and a tea salon designed by master tea blender Takashi Ito, where patrons can enjoy the finest teas.

In addition, in the dining zone of the Food Hall and along a 40-meter terrace overlooking the streets of Ginza, diners can enjoy the a la carte menus of each specialty store as well as a selection of sweets.

Basic information


Fruit parlor, western dishes, Japanese dishes, tea salon, barbecued chicken, sukiyaki, beef shabu-shabu, original Chinese food, seafood, sushi, eel, tempura, steak, grilling foods on an iron plate

Business Hours
From 11:00 to 23:00 
※Specialty store counter from 11:00 to 14:00 / from 17:00 to 23:00 (LO: 21:30)
※Futaba fruit parlor Ginza Main Store / Ginza modern terrace from 11:00 to 23:00 (foods LO: 22:00 / drink LO: 22:30)

Price range
Lunch dinner


The number of seats
Approximately 380 (specialty store counter approximately ten seats X 7 store, fruit parlor counter approximately 70 seats, restaurant approximately 170 seats, terrace approximately 70 seats)

Please refer to each store

Reservations Available
Please refer to each store

Please note that smoking is not permitted.

Facility service

Point program

Parking service

Contact information

Phone number
0570-001-432 ※I put through to each store with navigator dial



Course menus are available at specialty store counters (lunch and dinner).
Ginza Modern Terrace offers a la carte menus from specialty stores.
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